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 Elections and Voting 

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Who is on the ballot in the next election? How to register to vote? ...and more



Find the facts about voting in your state at Before an election, find your polling place.


Are you registered to vote? Do you want to change your party, your address, your name?

Individuals may register to vote online at the Alabama Secretary of State website.


You may also visit the Tuscaloosa Board of Registrars office:

Court House Annex 2501 7th Street, Suite 200 Tuscaloosa, Al 35401 349-3870 ext 415 Office Hours: 8:30am-5pm Monday-Friday


Register at the Circuit Court Clerk's Office located on the second floor of the Tuscaloosa County Court House.

Circuit Court Clerk 714 Greensboro Ave. Tuscaloosa, Al 35401 349-3870 ext. 259 Office hours 8:30am - 5pm Monday - Friday


Those interested in sponsoring a Voter Drive should call the Tuscaloosa Board of Registrars at 205-349-3870, ext. 415.

League of Women Voters of Alabama

Recommendations for the 2022 Alabama General Election Ballot Amendments 9/28/22

There are eleven Amendments that Alabama voters will be asked vote "yes" or "no" on when they cast their ballot in the November 8th General Election.  To receive a personalized ballot that includes the eleven proposed amendments, Alabama voters should go to and enter their home address. The is a voter education project of the League of Women Voters Education (C3) Fund. The Alabama ballot amendment language that has been included in the Vote411 system was developed by the Fair Ballot Commission for the Alabama Secretary of State. 


As an advocacy service for the voters of Alabama, the League of Women Voters of Alabama (C4) has reviewed the eleven Alabama Ballot Amendments against the LWVUS and LWV-Alabama positions and identified which ones we support or oppose. For a few amendments, we have taken no formal position.  


The LWV Alabama has the following recommendations for the Alabama 2022 General Election ballot amendments:

  • Constitution of Alabama of 2022: The League of Women Voters of Alabama Supports this amendment. 

This amendment will formally adopt the recompiled Constitution which removes racist language, cleans up the document such that prior changes are easier to read and understand, and it will provide a more transparent framework for future changes. It is a step in the right direction to ensuring the Alabama Constitution protects people in the exercise of their civil liberties. Also, it opens up the possibility of real change to the Alabama Constitution on the areas of taxation and home rule. 

  • Amendment 1 - Create Aniah's Law related to bail restrictions.  The LWV Alabama takes No position on this amendment.

  • Amendment 2 - Broadband Infrastructure. The League of Women Voters of Alabama Supports this amendment. 

The League supports having expanded access to information shared on the internet to enable better access to educational information and civic engagement. This would allow easier access to public information in communities that do not have high speed internet.

  • Amendment 3 - Notification of victim's family for commuted death penalty sentences.  The LWV Alabama takes No position on this amendment.  


  • Amendment 4 - Election Law Changes within six months of a general election. The League of Women Voters of Alabama Opposes this amendment. 

This amendment, if passed, would add a law to the state Constitution which would make it illegal for the State Legislature to help local election officials make voting safe and secure for aged, disabled, and immune-compromised citizens, if we have another pandemic state of emergency like we had in 2020.  This amendment would block the legislature from responding to emergencies within six months of a general election.

  • Amendment 5 - deletes outdated/obsolete terminology of Orphan’s Business.  The League of Women Voters of Alabama Supports this amendment. 

This amendment would remove an obsolete term which will make the probate court more transparent.

  • Amendment 6 - Local Municipality Advalorum taxes. The League of Women Voters of Alabama Supports this amendment. 

The LWVAL supports this amendment because it encourages citizen participation in government decision-making. When locally elected officials make decisions on how to spend tax revenues, they are much more likely to include local voters in the decision process.

  • Amendment 7 - Elimination of requirement to use largest distribution newspapers for advertising Economic and Industrial Development.  The League of Women Voters of Alabama Opposes this amendment. 

The LWVAL opposes this amendment based on the citizen’s Right to Know what their government is doing (or planning to do).  This amendment will allow less transparency in government decision-making, because it will allow the publication of notices in obscure publications. Incidentally, it also allows for favoritism toward individual publications, because the publications that publish usually get paid for the publication. As it is, the requirement to use the publication with the largest circulation is totally objective.

  • Amendment 8: Private Sewer (Shelby County) and Amendment 9: Private Sewer (Jefferson and Tuscaloosa Counties). The LWV Alabama takes No position on this amendment because we believe that communities should have the right of Home Rule.  


  • Amendment 10: Continue to keep the Constitution updated if the Constitution of Alabama of 2022 Amendment passes. The LWV Alabama Supports this amendment. 

The LWVAL supports this amendment because it supports government transparency. The Alabama Constitution needs to be updated regularly after ballot amendments are passed to prevent it from again becoming a clutter of revised, unincorporated changes.

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