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The League of Women Voters arrives at the issues it supports through study and consensus of its members.  These positions, once adopted, become part of our advocacy Program.  The League at each level, national, state, and local has adopted positions.  Study takes one to two years with committees seeking accurate information to present to the members.  This information is then made available to the membership and the discussions begin.  Once consensus is reached the position is adopted..

Once a position is adopted, the League of Women Voters may speak publicly on the issues in our Program.  As issues emerge, League members receive Action Alerts to contact elected representatives at the appropriate level. League members may only respond as a member of the League of Women Voters if the issue is part of our adopted program.  All members may advocate for non - Program positions they hold as individuals, as long as they do not represent the League in their efforts. 

Contacting Public Officials 

The Tuscaloosa delegation to the Alabama Legislature may be contacted at the following link which provides addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.  Just fill in your zip code as requested on the left sidebar and you will be provided your legislators names and contact information.

The Alabama Legislature          Alabama Legislature

The United States Congress

League Program

League program is the positions that LWVUS, LWVAL, and LWVGT have adopted through the study and consensus process.  These are the positions we officially advocate or lobby for in the three levels of government. If a League member wishes to advocate for a different position, they may certainly do so, but must do so as a private individual and must not represent themselves as a League of Women Voters representative. We periodically receive action alerts from our state and national Boards to contact our elected officials on behalf of our positions. To access links to each of these position statements select one from the list below: 

 LWV United States 
LWV Alabama

Do You Know How Your Congressional Members Voted?  

The vast majority of citizens cannot indicated how their representative or senator voted on any recent legislation.  What they do MATTERS.  How do you monitor what's happening?  The Congress.org web site provides a newsletter and a once per week email detailing how each member of your Congressional delegation voted and what a yes or no vote means. The links to sign up for the email are below: 

Sign up for the newsletter http://www.congress.org/congressorg/mlm/signup/         

Sign up for MegaVote here http://www.congress.org/congressorg/megavote/

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