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Voter Registration

Voter registration is the most important thing a citizen can do to insure they will be eligible to vote.  In Alabama, the requirement for a government-issued photo ID takes effect in 2014. You must produce identification that you are a resident and the list of these pieces of evidence is located at this link: 

Evidence Necessary to Vote in 2016:   CLICK HERE

To Register To Vote       CLICK HERE  or to Download a Voter Registration Form CLICK HERE  complete and mail to the address on the back of the form. 

Voter Information for the Citizens of Tuscaloosa

Individuals must register to vote in person or through the mail. Individuals can not register to vote or make changes over the phone or via fax. Only original documents are accepted; do not use photocopied forms. 
All forms must be written in ink; pencil is not accepted.

Tuscaloosa Board of Registrars
Court House Annex
2501 7th Street, Suite 200
Tuscaloosa, Al 35401 
349-3870 ext 415 
Office Hours: 8:30am-5pm Monday-Friday

How to Register to Vote

at the Board of Registrars 
at the Food Stamp Office
at the Library 
at the Tag/License Department
at the Secretary of State's Website
at the Democratic Party Website
at the Republican Party Website 

Absentee Voting
Register at the Circuit Court Clerk's Office located 
on the second floor of the Tuscaloosa County Court House 
Circuit Court Clerk
714 Greensboro Ave. 
Tuscalosa, Al 35401
349-3870 ext. 259 
Office hours 8:30am - 5pm Monday - Friday

Changes in name, address, etc., should be made in person or in writing through the Board of Registrars or at the polls.

Voter Drives
Those interested in sponsoring a Voter Drive, should call the Tuscaloosa Board of Registrars at 349-3870, ext. 415.


Ballot Information

Your one-stop source for information on registration, candidates, absentee voting, locating your polling place and information on constitutional amendments on the ballot is VOTE 411. 

Link to VOTE 411   HERE


Five Things To Take To the Polls 
Download the following to remind you what to take to the polls.  



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