About the League of Women Voters 

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The League of Women Voters of Tuscaloosa seeks to improve the quality of life for citizens of the greater Tuscaloosa area through voter education and advocacy. The League does not support any political party or candidate but does advocate for positions determined through study and consensus.  LWVGT is well-known in the community for its voter registration drives, political forums, and observer corps which monitors local government.  The organization celebrated its 70th birthday in 2012.  

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Charter Schools Consensus

Membership in the LWVGT is open to all citizens eighteen and over, both male and female. It is a growing organization. If you are interested in joining the LWVGT send your payment to:

LWVGT Treasurer                         
6029 73rd Place E
Cottondale, AL 35453


  • Individual  $55/year
  • Household  $85/year
  • Student  $25/year

Organizational Structure

LWVGT has a diversified Board with a mix of both elected and appointed members.  The position of LWVGT Coordinator, the person who handles the administrative work of the League rotates to a new person on a quarterly basis.The Spokesperson who is the public voice of the LWVGT serves a one year term. This has proven to be a successful structure that both encourages involvement at the Board level and builds experience in our League. If you are interested in joining the League of Women Voters of Greater Tuscaloosa, please contact lwvgt1@gmail.com for more information. 


The League meets on the first Tuesday of each month at noon luncheon and the Board meets on the third Tuesday of each month. We encourage visitors to attend our meetings.  Come have lunch with us and see what we are all about!

Join Us In Making Democracy Work!

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